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Close.io Scripts

As a Close.io power user, I always find myself interacting with its flexible and well-documented API. Whether I'm making adjustments to our sales process or automating certain tasks, I have managed to build quite a few handy Python scripts over time.

After some cleaning, I've decided to share some scripts with my fellow Close.io users:

There will be more scripts added soon, but the first two will help you bulk edit opportunities and generate CSV commission reports:

Current Scripts

  • /opportunity_status_changer - A script that allows you to bulk edit opportunity statuses.
  • /commission_report_generator - Generate a commission report as a CSV for a given date range.

Todo List

  • /daily_email_report - Send a daily sales email report to your team.
  • /auto_lead_assigner - Automatically assign new leads to users in a rotation using tasks.

I will update this post as new scripts and features get added. Be sure to leave a note in the comments if you have any feedback, issues, or script ideas!

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Nick Persico

Director of Sales at Close.com. Previous: Co-Founder of Smart Host (acquired), VP of Ops at Krossover (acquired), and sales at Sysco. Travel nerd, Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan, and GIF enthusiast.